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We are RiseRx.

We develop mimetics of naturally occurring 

GPCR agonists to treat age-related diseases


GPCR Agonists

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the most drugged protein class in the human genome. While the majority of drugs targeting these receptors seek to block their activation, the natural ligands for the receptors bring about their beneficial effects through GPCR activation. Consequently, our research focuses on developing GPCR agonists.

Phenotypic Assay

We deploy a range of disease-modeling phenotypic assays to ensure that our molecules mimic the biology of their naturally occurring counterpart. Our assays use primary cells, iPSCs, and in vivo models to measure disease-relevant outcomes.

Computational Chemistry

We leverage state-of-the art computational approaches to model the complex and dynamic nature of small molecule protein binding and activation.

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